Dr. Jose Moguel DDS

Dr. Juan Jose Chavez Moguel successfully completed all verification stages of our program on March 3rd, 2020.

Juan Jose Chavez Moguel also known as “Dr. Jose Moguel”, successfully passed with conclusive and irrefutable evidence, all phases of our Surgeon Verification Program as a “Dental Surgeon” with a clinic in the City of Los Algodones, B.C. Mexico.

We comprehensively verified Dr. Moguel’s digital and physical identity and legitimized his academic credentials, certifications, accreditations, and patient reviews.

We verified the sterilization technique, interviewed the staff, obtained endorsements from colleagues, and recorded his surgical performance during multiple dental implant surgeries.

Our Patient Transparency Program also verified advertised costs, treatment guarantees, records safekeeping, and refund policy.
dr jose moguel dds

Accolades at a Glance

Pioneer and patent holder of the      3 On 8 Dental Implant treatment.
  • Multi-board certified by the American Dental Association (ADA) in the United States and by the ADM in Mexico.
  • Certified by the Better Business Bureau with an A Plus Rating.
  • 50 Google Reviews verified for authenticity.
  • Currently, the only Dental Surgeon in Mexico that has been able to pass our verification process.
  • 1 Single negative review 5 years ago, in the span of a 35-year trajectory.
  • Fully Fledged Dental Clinic with its own dental product production line.
dr jose moguel dds

10,000 Dental Implants Placed

1,850 Dental Implant Treatments Completed

98.9% Treatment Success Rate

Uses own brand of Dental Implants

Uses own brand of Zirconia Bridges

The Only dental surgeon that provides a lifetime warranty on treatments.


  • drjosemoguel.mx
  • dentalimplantsbydrmoguel.com
  • 3on8dentalimplants.com

University Degree

Dr. Juan Jose Chavez Moguel, is a certified Surgeon of Dental Surgery (DDS) in Mexico by the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) with a specialization in Dental Implants.

We corroborated Dr. Moguel’s University Degree and license number (cedula) to operate as a fully certified and licensed Periodontist with a specialization on Dental Implants.

As a part of our verification process, we corroborated the legitimacy of his degree, certification, and license by contacting the University to verify attendance, student records, graduation date, as well as by validating the legitimacy of school attendance and surgical performance with colleagues.

Dr Juan Jose Chavez Moguel University Degree

University Graduation Certificate: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

Certification legitimacy corroborated by: Professor Augusto Gutierrez Martinez.

Authenticity Corroborated by: Professor Gabriel Gonzala

Corroboration Date: 1/1/2020

Graduation Date: 3/23/1996

Medical License

In Mexico, there are two certification stages for a surgeon to lawfully operate on patients.

Upon earning a University Degree (first stage) graduates are required to obtain a “cedula” (second stage) that is a plastic credential very similar to a driver’s license, issued by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) in Mexico. 

By having a medical license, proves that a person has finished his studies completely and that he has the knowledge to practice his profession.

Dr Jose Moguel License Number

The following License Number passed all of our verification checks and has been fully validated.


VERIFICATION SOURCES: Ministry of Public Education (SEP), BuhoLegal, Registro Nacional de Profesionistas.


VALIDATION BY: Alfonzo G. Martinez at the Ministry of Public Education


ADA Board Certification

Dr Jose Moguel is Board Certified by the ADA – American Dental Association.

Dr Jose Moguel ADA Board Certification

ADM Board Certification

In Mexico, the entity similar to the ADM or American Dental Association is called ADM or Asociacion Dental Mexicana.

This Board Certification in Dentistry is the evaluation process that aims to determine the level of competence and degree of updating of the general practice dentist with a professional license, in relation to the knowledge of the profession or specialty, as well as the skills, aptitudes, and skills that it possesses to exercise it.

In the case of Dr. Moguel, he received his board certification as a general dentist, cosmetic dentist, and periodontist.

Dr. Moguel ADM Board Certification Mexico

Certification Issued by: Administracion Dental Mexicana

Certification legitimacy was corroborated by: Dr. Lizbeth Aguirrez, Dr. Edith Nunez, Dr. Diego Lopez, Dr. Jonathan D., Dr. Nancy A.

Corroboration Date: 5/1/2020

Colleague Endorsements

Obtaining endorsements from colleagues is a complicated process.  Surgeons who endorse their colleagues put their credibility, reputation, and careers at risk since they are unable to corroborate the existing medical conduct of the surgeon whom they are endorsing, even when they have collaborated with such surgeons in the past.

The objective of obtaining endorsements from other surgeons whom have witnessed Dr. Jose Moguel perform dental implant treatments on patients, is to corroborate that Dr. Jose Moguel is in fact, capable of performing procedures on patients without placing the patient at unnecessary risk.

Patient Reviews

Digital reviews heavily influence patients and play a very important role in the surgeon selection process. Over 35% of medical reviews are fraudulent.

Fraudulent medical practitioners purchase fake reviews and inflate ratings to manipulate and lure patients into acquiring their services.

We have corroborated the following patient reviews by verifying payment records between patient and surgeon, flight itinerary, lodging records, lab records, and patient interviews.
Dr. Jose Moguel DDS
Dental Surgeon , Los Algodones/Mexico
Total Rating: 5
(15 Reviews)

Surgeon Claims

Dr Moguel claims to have performed approximately between 9,000 to 11,000 dental implants since 1991.  However, we were able to verify 10,023 (updated every six months) dental implant placements based on purchase orders under the name of Juan Jose Chavez Moguel.

Dr. Moguel holds all required local, state, and federal permits to operate a dental implants clinic in Mexico.

Physical Identity

Dental Clinic

Dr. Juan Jose Chavez Moguel DDS currently meets all of his patients at his clinic in Los Algodones, B.C. Mexico located at: Av. Internacional S/N, Vicente Guerrero, 21970 Vicente Guerrero, B.C. Mexico

The address provided is for a legitimate dental clinic.  The clinic is located within walking distance from the Yuma/Los Algodones port of entry, it’s easily accessible by foot or vehicle and there is sufficient parking space to accommodate over twenty vehicles.


Upon inspection, we found this clinic to operate under stringent sanitation and sterilization protocols, most of the staff speaks English fluently and provide patients with a comfortable waiting area.

Digital Presence

As of 3/23/2020 we discovered Dr Juan Jose Chavez Moguel (AKA Dr Jose Moguel) to be offering dental implant treatments to patients under three websites:

Agent Observations

Clinic & Customer service

During our visit to Dr Moguel’s clinic, we were greeted by a charming young lady who spoke English fluently.  Dr. Moguel made himself accessible at intervals to answer any questions as well as for an interview.


Overall this clinic is well-equipped with modern and sanitized dental equipment that undergoes a daily routine of sanitation and sterilization.  The surgery rooms are modern and equipped with the latest technology to provide patients with an enhanced experience during surgery.

Advanced IV sedation is provided by Dr. Strauss, a certified anesthesiologist whom interviews patients pre-surgery to discuss their medical history and explain the IV sedation process.

The staff is friendly, upbeat, welcoming, bilingual, and knowledgeable about all treatments and costs.


GET IN TOUCHContact Dr. Moguel

Contact Dr Moguel's clinic to schedule a consultation at his clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico or to discover the available treatment options.
Av. Internacional S/N,
Los Algodones, B.C. Mexico
(800) 405-4539
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