We help surgeons establish their reputation as a transparent, vetted, and trustworthy surgeon with an unmatched profile by Verified Surgeons™️ that supersedes all others.

Your Verified Surgeon profile provides patients with a previously nonexistent catalog of evidence concerning your identity and medical performance, and also provides you as a surgeon, with the ability to exponentially increase your online notoriety and recognition.

We only publish surgeons who prove with evidence, their distinction from unscrupulous individuals, medical usurpers, and impostors who fabricate medical identities to gain a marketing edge and deceive patients.

The cohesive catalog of evidence provided by our platform regarding a surgeon in less-developed countries has no equal.  Achieving the coveted distiction as a Verified Surgeon is no easy task.  Not because the process its arduous, but because its impossible to circumvent. 

We do not simply publish the information we are given, we publish information that we have substantiated and that it’s based on factual evidence.

Your Legitimacy,

A published verified surgeon is a surgeon of the highest medical ethics.

Your Verified Surgeon™️ profile is truly one of a kind.

No other organization has been able to create a cohesive surgeon profile, composed by incorruptible evidence, backed by surgeon affidavits, patient interviews, vetted certifications and medical credentials.

We create a surgeon’s profile to establish the surgeon’s credibility and at the same time, eliminate the ever growing rate of patient morbidity and mortality in less-developed countries.

By allowing patients to select their surgeon from a catalog of legitimate surgeons, and not of medical impostors, we enable patients with access to higher-quality medical care and reduce the risks associated with fabricated surgeon identities.

When a surgeon is published on our website, he or she stands amongst the few, legitimate, trustworthy, and proven surgeons who posses and demonstrate medical ethics of the highest order.

Your digital profile helps you as a surgeon, establish an impeccable online reputation either previously unavailable to you, or often eclipsed by frabricated surgeon identities by unscrupulous individuals.

We truly believe that verified surgeons in less-developed countries do not have competitors.  Their legitimacy alone sets them apart from the masses, creates new medical tourism markets, elevates their recognition and establishes medical cost dominance.

The lack of medical regulation and corruption in less developed countries can be so grotesque, that they eclipse the honest surgeon’s ability to compete.  Our obctive is to enable legitimate surgeons to elevante their recognition and establish their dominance purely based on facts and evidence, factors which, are paramount for patients and which are currently not accesible to them.

A surgeon’s profitability begins and ends with a reputation.  

Our organization focuses on enabling surgeons to publish their physical and digital identity with no compromise attached it.  To increase their profit margins by using medical excellence, unflinching ethics, and transparency with their patients.

As more medical professionals seek to capitalize on the opportunities of medical tourism, the rate of medical impostors continues to grow.

And legitimate surgeons often find themselves sacrificing their credibility and medical ethics to stay afloat, and some without a third party to enable them to showcase their legitimacy, often disappear, leaving the medical market open for the unscrupulous.

Information Gathering

Discover all of your surgeon identities, mentions, reviews, publications, and articles.


Keep all of your information on the web up to date and easily accessible to your patient.

Promote Trust

With information transparency, you promote patient trust and preference.

Gain an Advantage

By empowering patient selection due to an organized information catalog.

Great Clients
Awesome Reviews

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We're connecting patients with legitimate surgeons to reduce morbidity and mortality worldwide.
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Learn more about the medical industry and medical tourism through the eyes of Verified Surgeons™️
We're connecting patients with legitimate surgeons to reduce morbidity and mortality worldwide.
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Copyright © 2020. Verified Surgeons Org.

All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2020.  Verified Surgeons Org.

All rights reserved.