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The Verified Surgeons™️ Organization is composed of a team of healthcare industry researchers and medical publicists, who have worked with surgeons in various medical specialties in less-developed countries, for a combined twenty-eight years.

We comprehensively verify surgeons in an effort to reduce patient morbidity and mortality, while enabling legitimate surgeons to elevate their recognition as a distinguished surgeons.
What is Our Mission?

To provide patients with an online platform composed entirely of legitimate and vetted surgeons who have chosen to undergo our unbiased, rigorous, and uncompromising surgeon verification process to become champion surgeons who are exemplary in their craft. 

Reduce Morbidity and Mortality

The Verified Surgeons Organization strives to reduce the ever-increasing rate of morbidity and mortality amongst patients who select surgeons abroad for their procedure.

World’s First Safe Surgeon Selection Platform

To provide an up-to-date and consistent online platform for patients to learn everything there is to learn about their surgeon, or to select their surgeon from a database of surgeon’s who have proven their performance, medical ethics, and credibility as a surgeon.

What is Verified Surgeons?

Verified Surgeons™️ is the world’s first digital platform that focuses entirely on verifying a surgeon’s physical and online identity such as but not limited to: their place of business, digital profiles, academic credentials, residency history, specialization certification, patient reviews and testimonials, their clinic’s sanitation and sterilization processes, as well as adherence to the medical ethics.

Unlike other platforms, Verified Surgeons™ performs face-to-face verifications with all surgeons and performs background checks.  This process alone makes our organization the only one in the world that actually phisically meets with the surgeon at their place of business, inspects their clinic or hospital to ensure conformity with the highest sanitation and sterilization standards.

We are also the only organization that obtains affidavits from other surgeons and nurses during the vetting process, video records the surgeons performance during surgery, interviews patients pre and post op, performs follow-ups post-op with patients and many other verification proceses that are truly our very own, composed of multiple layers of verifications that are nearly impossible to circumvent.  


From 2005 to 2016 our Founder Salvador Frutos provided reputation management and image consulting services to surgeons located in Canada, The United States, South America, and Europe. During this time he worked closely with 72 surgeons ranging from cardiothoracic, neurosurgery, orthopedic, plastic surgery, and bariatrics.

After observing first-hand how more and more surgeons in less-develped countries and in the United States carelessly placed patient safety and wellbeing second for the sake of profit, our founder dedicated three years to the investigation and reseach or diploma mills and fake medical universities around the world.

The goal was to learn how to detect and unmask those medical imposters, and other medical practitioners who clearly circumvented existing medical guidelines in their country through fake academic, medical, and certification diplomas, inflated their experience and expertise, bought fake reviews and patient testimonials, acquired second-hand medical equipment that was never sterilized, and performed surgeries in garages, motel rooms, and office spaces –  all with the objective to deceive unsuspecting patients by the promise of low cost procedures.

Why Create Verified Surgeons™️?

For over three years our founder worked on the general concept of Verified Surgeons ™️ by researching fake diploma mills, fictitious online universites that provided diplomas and certifications for surgeons around the world, and fake patient review groups who would, for a price, easily provide a surgeon with fraudalent reviews in the most trusted review platforms by patients.  He also interviewed four owners of fake certificate mills and two fake online university promoters.

During a trip to Mexico City, our founder Salvador was able to acquire a high quality university graduation certificate with transcripts, a medical certificate, and surgeon specialization certificate for $6,500 USD in two days.  A board-certification document was offered for $50,000 USD.  They also offered him the contact of a “lady” who could promote him as a legitimate surgeon online and start getting patients whithin a week.

To make matters worse, the United States does not have a federal law that would unambiguously prohibit diploma mills, and the term “university” is not legally protected.  This could only mean that it’s far worse in other less-developed countries. And it is.  Much worse.

This medical usurpation does not only happen in less developed countries, it also happens in the United States.

As of today, our founder has interviewed 22 surgeons in various countries that have allowed him to get an inside look into how they operate, and how unscrupulous surgeons learned to deceive patients, and how they circumvent the medical laws in their country due to the nonexistence of medical regulation.

What Type of Verifications Do We Perform?

Our journalistic research includes a multitude of verifications that are performed by our research team.  Some of the basic verifications that we perform, but are not limited to include:

  • A surgeon’s digital and physical medical identity across online platforms
  • Clinic/Hospital Adherence to mandated medical accreditations
  • Authenticity of Academic Credentials
  • Authenticity of Medical Specialization Credentials
  • Required Country and/or State Medical Certifications
  • Medical Residency Records
  • Medical Fellowships
  • Medical Recognitions
  • Legitimacy of patient reviews across digital platforms
  • Veracity of patient video testimonials
  • Currently implementaed process for sanitation and sterilization
  • Pations interview pre and post op
Who We Are Not

The Verified Surgeons™ platform is not just another “surgeon advertising” online platform.  The internet is already plagued with them and more and more and created every year.  These online profile platforms rely on the need for surgeons to generated “leads” and “promote” their services to their user database.  These platforms are created entirely for the surgeon to literally “sell” their procedures and pay little to no attention to the potential risks of death or deformity these fincticious doctors pose to unsuspecting patients.


Today, surgeon online platforms claim to have sophisticated algorithms that detect and prevent the unauthorized use of their platofrms by unscrupulous surgeons.  Unfortunately, these platforms are circunvented on a regular basis with fake surgeon profiles, fake patient reviews, fake or copied before and after patient photographs and more.

And while our most important and critical objective is to provide patients with a cluster of surgeons who are trustworthy and comprehensively vetted, we are the complete opposite from those advertising platforms for surgeons who’s only signup requirement depends solely on the payment of an annual fee.

Inclusion in our Verified Surgeons Cluster (VSC) does not depend on the payment of an annual fee alone.  And while we do have a mandatory annual fee and monthly fee, these fees cover a larger range of unique and time consuming processes who’s objective is to comprehensively verify the surgeon, and not necessarily only to promote the surgeon.

We Work
For the Patient

Our entire business plan revolves around the proliferation of a safe and trustworthy surgeon platform by implementing surgeon verification processes that are impossible to circumvent.
How Do We Get Our Operating Funds?

The Verified Surgeons Organization is financed by our initial surgeon verification fee, and monthly membership dues paid by responsible surgeons and clinics around the world.

However, surgeon’s will only be able to retain their verified surgeon status due to their commitment to remain transparent in their processes, routine clinic inspections, patient interviews, and verification of furture certifications, accreditations, and fellowships etc.

Paying the monthly fee will never guarantee by itself inclusion in our Verified Surgeon Cluster.

What Type of Surgeons We Verify?

We work with a vast array of medical surgeons.  The following is a list of surgeons we currently have verified:

  • General Surgeon
  • Cardiothoeratic Surgeon
  • Neuro Surgeon
  • Cosmetic Surgeon
  • Bariatric Surgeon
  • Implantologist
Does the Verified Surgeons Org Have Legal Powers?

Surgeons abroad are mostly private, self-regulatory medical practitioners that seek patients through a multitide of online platforms, referrals, and independent brokers who depend on earning a sales commission.

When illegal practices are uncovered and the surgeon refuses to cooperate with our team to immediately correct the issue and if necesary suspend all medical procedures, the matter is referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Also, our Verified Surgeons Organization has close working relationships with governmental agencies, medical accreditation and certification agencies, with consumer protection agencies, and other regulatory bodies in various countries.

We Help Patients and Surgeons Simultaneously
How do We Help Patients?

Our platform helps patients by:

  • Providing trustworhty information about a surgeon based abroad.
  • Providing you with otherwise inaccessible or hidden surgeon information so that you can make intelligent surgeon selection.
  • Providing you with a collection of fully verified performance and reviews information regarding your surgeon.
  • Providing you with any alarming or potential dangerous information about a surgeon, clinic or surgeon’s location abroad.
  • Fostering ethical surgeon advertising.
  • Monitoring surgeon performance.
  • Alerting patients when the surgeons in question will not cooperate with the Verified Surgeons team to eliminate the risk to the patient.
  • Disseminating surgeon information through newspapers, radio, television, and printed literature.
  • Providing speakers for clinics, medical conferences, and regulatory organizations.
How do We Help Surgeons?

How platform helps surgeons by:

  • Obtaingin the highest recognition as a fully verified surgeon
  • Establish a digital identity in the world’s first and most trusted surgeon verification platform
  • Distinguish themselves from unscrupulous surgeons
  • Provide patients with trustworthy and realiable informacion regarding their performance
  • Establish credibility as Champion Surgeons™ in the city

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We're connecting patients with legitimate surgeons to reduce morbidity and mortality worldwide.
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We're connecting patients with legitimate surgeons to reduce morbidity and mortality worldwide.
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Copyright © 2020. Verified Surgeons Org.

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Copyright © 2020.  Verified Surgeons Org.

All rights reserved.