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Our program allows patients to recognize your worth and distinction from other medical professionals during their research.

The patient’s journey on the web is plagued with offers promising the best Health Care, at unsustainable and dangerous low costs.  Further confusing patients during their evaluation process.

A disconnect between legitimate surgeons and patients is growing today more than ever.  Resulting in ethical surgeons struggling to capture a patient’s attention, because their prowess is undervalued by individuals posing as surgeons.

The consistent growth of unregulated competition continues to obscure legitimate surgeons on the web.  Our verification program exhibits your medical prowess and worth, backed by evidence that cannot be reproduced by unscrupulous individuals.

Enable patients to prioritize your prowess as surgeon, over life-threatening low surgery costs.
surgeon exposure


It has been reported that 8 out of every 10 legitimate surgeons fail to gain their lion’s market share from medical tourism, due to the lack of proper exhibition of their performance.

A patient typically reviews between 5 to 8 surgeons during their evaluation process.  Most surgeon profiles on the web are outdated, incomplete, and inflated with photos, videos, and dubious patient reviews.

With dozens of medical tourism websites, medical directores, and patient facilitators competing for a patient’s attention, the risks of misrepresenting the surgeon’s true performance and prowess have become more evident.

Your verified surgeon profile is specifically designed to become the number-one resource for patients looking to verify, corroborate, validate, and be better informed regarding a surgeon’s true capacity.

Premiere Surgeon Listing
Enhanced Exposure
Increased Patient Reach
Strategic Advantage
Monetize Surgeon Identity
Global Recognition

Simplify your patient’s surgeon research on the web, by consolidating your identity into a cohesive and trustworthy online profile composed of verified and authenticated information.

A Truthful,

Achieving your distinction as surgeon requires placing the patient’s health first.

Medical professionals often resort to advertising to capture patients.  Most medical tourism promoters focus on the same principles to attract patients: the promise of amazing results, low surgery costs, and all-inclusive beach packages.

With over two hundred surgeon websites analized in Mexico and South America, we discovered a consistent inflation of the surgeon’s medical history, performance, and patient reviews – in essence, manipulating the patient’s surgeon selection process.

How can a legitimate surgeon achieve distinction when medical usurpers and imposters lack medical ethics?  Thought EVIDENCE.

A surgeon’s credibility can be easily tarnished when his digital presence is not properly maintained and protected.  The lack of sufficient visual evidence opens the opportunity for unscrupulous medical professionals, disgruntled nurses or employees, to damage the surgeon’s reputation.

When you establish your distinction as medical professional through the documentation of the patient’s medical outcome, surgery complications, and create visual proof backed by multiple affidavidts from patients, nurses, and other legitimate medical professionals, your distinction is not only established, it is also protected.

Of the dozens of websites we have analyzed, only four were able to provide evidence regarding patient surgery outcome, surgery complications, legitimacy of patient reviews and testimonials, and the honoring of advertising claims – however this evidence was documented in multiple internal paper based forms.  None of which the patient could consume.

When patients are able to consume information and media regarding surgeon that has been verified and substantiated with evidence, surgeons earn distinction and become a preferred surgeon.

Information Gathering

Discover all of your surgeon identities, mentions, reviews, publications, and articles.


Keep all of your information on the web up to date and easily accessible to your patient.

Promote Trust

With information transparency, you promote patient trust and preference.

Gain an Advantage

By empowering patient selection due to an organized information catalog.

Great Clients
Awesome Reviews

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